Updated Policy: ADA Reasonable Accommodations for those unable to wear masks

INTRODUCTION: ADA Reasonable Accommodations for Guests Unable to Wear a Mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we have operated using the information and best guidance provided.  As you may know, we have many customers who have requested and been granted accommodations including:

  • sight impairments
  • mobility issues
  • intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • mental and emotional health issues

Maintaining and promoting an atmosphere of inclusion is very important to us, but so is keeping our game store family safe and healthy during a global pandemic — which the US Department of Justice has classified as a ‘direct threat’.   

Therefore, upon receiving a recent request for accommodation, we reached out to an expert, Dr. Sanjay M. Udoshi, MD, a local doctor based in Shavertown, who is host of a local weekly video broadcast about the coronavirus pandemic.  He has helped us create an accommodation policy that accomplishes two important goals: (1) Provide a reasonable accommodation that allows participation in our events and (2) Keeps all our patrons and guests as safe as possible.

The updated policy is below.

Thank you for your patience,
The owners and management team of Sword in the Stone Games


POLICY: ADA Reasonable Accommodation for Guests Unable to Wear a Mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy Revised 8/1/2020

Effective immediately, Sword in the Stone Games will make the following special accommodation to individuals (“customer”) who would like to attend our events but are unable to wear a face mask.

  • The customer must contact Sword in the Stone games at least 72 hours prior to the event start.
  • The customer must obtain a COVID-19 detection test with results 48 hours prior to the event start and show proof of a negative result.
  • The customer must arrive 15 minutes prior to posted event start time, be asymptomatic, and have a body temperature of less than 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  They will be assigned a special location.  Players competing against the customer will move to their location.
  • Customer and opponents will wash their hands for 20 seconds following any game/match.
  • Sword in the Stone will provide the customer with a plastic face shield which must be worn at all times. 
  • The play area will be set up with at least six feet distance between players.
  • Opponents of the customer will be required to wear face masks.
  • Sword in the Stone will quarantine the play area for 12 hours following the departure of customer and then sanitize it thoroughly. 
  • Customer may bring their own food and beverages and should pack out them at the end of the event.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Sanjay M. Udoshi, MD, host of #COVIDCAST COVID-19 Town Hall for helping us create this policy so there is a clear pathway to event attendance for all our customers.