Good games don’t simply appear out of thin air. Game designers invest hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears, playtesting, demos, focus groups, research, etc. into game development long before a game goes to production.

Sword in the Stone Games is excited to welcome game designers to our space for demos and playtests. We’ve hosted a variety of game designers in our space over the past year including:

  • Dan Hundycz of DPH Games
  • Jason Vo and Maura Elko of Gryphon Mount Games
  • S. John Ross from Cumberland Games & Diversions
  • Christopher Pinyan from Crispy Games Co.
  • Dimitrios Pantelis (“Crusade” Game)
  • Steve “#3”

Game Designers wishing to establish a relationship with Sword in the Stone Games can e-mail us at and can ask to sign up to participate in one of our upcoming game demo days.

Game Designers are also welcome to add their products at