For Game Designers

Good games don’t simply appear out of thin air. Game designers invest hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears, playtesting, demos, focus groups, research, etc. into game development long before a game goes to production.

Sword in the Stone Games is excited to welcome game designers to our space for demos and playtests. We’ve hosted a variety of game designers in our space over the past year including:

  • Dan Hundycz of DPH Games
  • Jason Vo and Maura Elko of Gryphon Mount Games
  • S. John Ross from Cumberland Games & Diversions
  • Christopher Pinyan from Crispy Games Co.
  • Dimitrios Pantelis (“Crusade” Game)
  • Steve “#3”

Game Designers wishing to establish a relationship with Sword in the Stone Games can e-mail us at and can ask to sign up to participate in one of our upcoming game demo days.

Game Designers are also welcome to add their products at