You may be asking yourself… “Self, what Friendly Local Game Store features an in-building old world artisan bakery and cafe?” — the answer is Sword in the Stone Games Wilkes-Barre!

Sword in the Stone partner Joe Poplawski learned of Amberdonia Kingston from our good friends Joe and Carri Belcher. The three created the Amberdonia Latte League, a group aimed at supporting the burgeoning bakery by hosting Sunday brunches, business meetings, and other events.

When Amberdonia Kingston owner Butch Sacipi told us he planned on opening a new location in Downtown Wilkes-Barre, we of course took him up on his offer to go see the space. Meeting the building owners, we learned of the retail and play area available in the building, and the rest is history.

Join the Latte League for an upcoming event at the newly opened Wilkes-Barre bakery.

Amberdonia Wilkes-Barre is just down the hall from Sword in the Stone Games Wilkes-Barre, with complimentary delivery to the game store during regular bakery hours.