Magic: the Gathering

Whether you are new to the game of Magic: the Gathering, or a pro, you’ll find a home here at Sword in the Stone Games.

With an inventory of hundreds of thousands of Magic cards, we are always buying and selling individual cards and collections. We’re also a Wizards Play Network (WPN) Advanced Store, and able to host small casual pods to large pre-release and release events, and full tournaments. We regularly stock the latest standard MtG boosters, and have three product experts on staff to help you.

We have nightly Commander/EDH pods, regular brawl, pauper, and standard pair ups…. We also will launch a Draft any time we have eight players wanting to participate. (Price of draft varies by what set of cards you want ot use).

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About Magic: the Gathering

A game of Magic involves two or more players who are engaged in a battle acting as powerful wizards called planeswalkers. Each player has their own deck, either one previously constructed or made from a limited pool of cards for the event. A player starts the game with “life points” and loses the game when their life total is reduced to zero. A player can also lose if they must draw from an empty deck. In addition, some cards specify other ways to win or lose the game.