Sword in the Stone Games is hosting a series of tournaments for Friday Night Magic during the COVID-19 closure period. This page is to outline the rules and resources available for this special program.

Participants must utilize the Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTGA) platform to compete, providing their username and identification number.  (This is obtained by clicking on the 1v1 challenge icon in the MTGA interface.)

How much will this cost?
Entry fee is $7.50 per person per tournament. 
We would appreciate it if participants who plan on participating in multiple tournaments purchase several tournaments in one transaction (Link for Purchase is Below).  Store credit cannot be used to pay for these events at this time.

Does play in this event benefit Sword in the Stone Games?
Yes!  While typically it is against the rules to charge for MTGA tournaments, Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns Magic, has created a special exception for Wizards Play Network (WPN) stores during the COVID-19 closure period.  Sword in the Stone receives your registration fee, which also funds the prize pool. 

What format of Magic is this?
Players will compete in three best-of-three STANDARD MTG matches and report results.  Pods of eight will use swiss pairings with 3 points awarded for wins and byes.  If you are not familiar with the Standard Format jump on MTGA and play a couple games against “Sparky” the MTG Bot or random players.  You should also build and try out your decks!

What does prize support look like?
Prizes are based on pods of eight and will be adjusted pro rata for other player amounts.

  1. First Place: $20 in Store Credit
  2. Second Place: $12 in Store Credit
  3. Third & Fourth Place: $7.50 in Store Credit

How will ties work?
In a standard MTGA match, there are no ties due to the time restrictions placed by the software. Final Standing Ties will be broken using the following priority: (1) Median-Bucholtz Ranking, (2) Win vs. Tied Participants, (3) Point Difference

What if my computer crashes? Should a technical disruption occur, it is the player who did not crash out’s responsibility to immediately notify the tournament organizer in the Tournament Discord Channel.  Technical disruption including computer freezing, loss of connection, etc. will invalidate the current single game being played.

If a technical disruption occurs during Game 1: The player with technical disruption will have five minutes to log back in.  They will restart the entire round as a Best-of-3.  

During Game 2 & 3: The player with technical disruption will have five minutes to log back in.  The player without disruption should contact the tournament organizer with what to do next.  The tournament organizer’s ruling is final.

A second technical disruption by the same player will result in a full round forfeit. A subsequent technical interruption by the other player is treated as a new disruption sequence. 

To avoid technical disruptions, it is suggested that players restart their computers prior to the tournament and ensure MTGA is updated to the latest version.  In addition, we suggest you only have MTGA open along with Discord.

While you are encouraged to livestream your game using Discord to the appropriate channel, if a technical disruption occurs on the player streaming, please discontinue.

How will play be organized?
Play will be organized on the Sword in the Stone Discord Server in the #MTG_Tournament channel.  You must join the server and provide your actual name to participate.  Live rankings and brackets will be generated on the Sword in the Stone Challonge server and posted to the #MTG_Tournament channel. 

Can I talk to my opponent like I would at the shop?
Players may use the Sword in the Stone Discord MTGA Tournament voice channels to talk to each other during their game.  Players should use the integrated MTGA chat feature for text chatting to avoid game delays.

Rules are subject to change as new resources become available. Tournament organizer is John Dawe (#7313400453).  Play via MTGA not currently eligible for Planeswalker Points. Card interpretation/judge rules are based on MTG Arena integrated mechanics.

Bracket #500

(Player pairings will shuffle prior to start)