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Let us help you get the word out about your business or group by advocating your concept directly to our customers.

Methods of Promotion:

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Methods of Promotion

Digital Signage

We will display an advertisement for you and display it in-store on our digital screens.

Printed Receipts

Your ad will be printed on the bottom of our customers' sales receipts.

Verbal Advocation

Our staff will recommend and mention your ad verbally whenever appropriate.

Social Media

We will share and promote your brand's message on our social media channels.

Exclusivity & Quality

It’s important to us that we maintain quality as a business. We’re very selective of who we promote, as we only want to offer the best to our clientele. It is also important that we don’t advocate too many businesses simultaneously because it would dilute the impact of any one ad.

What We Do

  • We limit the number of advertising clients that can participate in our advertising program to make sure your ad is seen consistently and is not lost amongst an array of other advertisers.
  • We will not promote businesses who may be direct competitors of yours.
  • Our goal is to help improve community awareness of local businesses that believe in premium customer service.

Customer Demographics

Target Customer Criteria

  • Age: Adults, age 8-55 (Encompassing Gen X, Millennials, & Gen Z)
  • Though children will be accompanied by parents, our selection encompasses a broad age range
  • Our products are appealing to customers from all economic standings due to their affordability and entertainment value

Customer Age Chart


We’ll take care of the initial design process for you and are available if you want to make changes later on.

Design Work

Our graphics team will create an ad for you using your existing branding elements (logos, color schemes, etc).

Changes and Updates

Need to make a change to your ad or want to promote a new special offer? Our team can update your ad quickly and efficiently.

Keep your promotion relevant and up to date with ease


Our advertising program is an affordable and effective way to get the word out about your business in your local community. By keeping your marketing costs inexpensive with high yield results, you will continue utilizing our service.

  • Television and radio ads are becoming less effective as people will either change channels or focus on their phones while the ad is playing.
  • Newspapers advertising can be expensive and inefficient.
  • Internet ad-campaigns can make it difficult to target people in your community and with ad-blocking software becoming more popular, there’s a chance it won’t be seen at all.

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