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Player Meeting and League Start: Blood Bowl S2 – Carnage Cup [04/13/2024]

April 13 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This is the Player Meeting and start date for our Blood Bowl League!!
Start time is 4pm with kick off games starting right after. There will be pizza, gaming and fun!

This league is open to all player levels and more in depth league information will be on Tour Play. Please register on Tour play for the league after you purchase your ticket.

Sword in the Stone Blood Bowl League Structure
Sword in the Stone’s Blood Bowl League is ever growing and transforming to incorporate the best structure for the competitive world that is Blood Bowl. Please refer to the listed rulings and structure on the relevant Discord channel for the most up to date information. Information can be updated here as situations arise to keep the league community informed.


Capie Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Kierstan Available Monday through Thursday after 5pm

League Ruleset:
This league will follow Blood Bowl 2020 ruleset in addition to the rules below.
Starting Gold will be 1.1 million gold
No player max. Each player will play 8 games prior to the playoffs

Coaches Tourplay accounts (leagues only):
Tourplay account information will need to be sent to the Commissioner of the league for loner coach instances.
Please use a unique password for your account, not personal to other accounts you have.
Sword in the Stone assumes no responsibility in regards to passwords or accounts.

Loner Coaches:
Loner Coach (3+ on a D6):
The loner coach must roll a D6 and roll a 3, 4, 5, or 6 to see if the player will listen to the coach to perform any activated abilities.
Characters with Loner = if you fail a roll and want to reroll then the Loner Coach must roll a 4, 5, or 6
**Loner Coaches cannot spend money or star player points

Turn Timers:
Turn timers can be requested by players for matches. As per the rules, turns should take 5 minutes or less. This is a case by case situation as new players are expected to take longer to complete their turns as they learn.

Scheduling your games:
Players must play their current game within 2 weeks of pairing.
Players MUST schedule their games with one of the listed referees- as a referee MUST be present for the game results to be official. No exceptions!

Unable to make a game:
If you are not able to attend your game for unforeseeable reasons the Loner Coach rule will be in effect; however, this can be handled on a case-by-case basis by reaching out to the Commissioner (K.P.) or the TO (Ryan) of the event.

Late to the game:
If you are late with at least 15 minutes notice to your opponent AND referee –
Opponent will get:
10-19 minutes late = 1 free roll on the Nuffle table
20+ minutes late = the late player forfeits

If you are late without proper notice:
1st time = Review of the late policy and your opponent gets to choose whether they are kicking or receiving without the “coin toss”.
2nd time = Final warning. Your opponent gets to choose whether they are kicking or receiving without the “coin toss” – in addition to penalties listed in the previous Late to the game section.
3rd time = Expulsion from the league.**

If you are going to be late, reaching out at minimum 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game is required to both the opponent AND referee. Shorter notice may result in other penalties.
** If ejection of a coach from the league creates a bye then normal bye rules will apply.

Unofficial Teams:
The unofficial team “Slann” IS allowed for this league.
No other unofficial/legacy teams are allowed.

Sword in the Stone Blood Bowl Leagues will be played in an altered form of “Round Robin”
Altered Round Robin – a competition in which all the players play against a unique opponent every 2 weeks without playing against the same opponent twice before the playoffs begin.
Playoffs will begin after everyone has played 8 games- of which we will have a cut to the top 8 players for the quarterfinals.
Semi Finals winners will move on to the Championship match.
Semi Final losers will then play another game to determine 3rd place.
Playoffs are seeded
1st will face last place. 2nd place will face second to last, etc.

For all Sword in the Stone Blood Bowl Leagues we will be using Tourplay League Software.
Sign up for your own Tourplay account here:

Prize pool is determined by number of players
Top 3 players paid out in store credit which can be used to purchase any physical products in store.
1st place will receive a first place trophy as well as store credit.
Sign up:
League sign up =

Ticket purchase = Here

Tickets Still Available!


April 13
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sword in the Stone
29 Wyoming Valley Mall Road
Wilkes-barre Township, PA 18702 United States
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