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Knights of the Round Table

Sword in the Stone is proud to announce the start of our new customer appreciation program – Knights of the Round Table.

This program is to recognize members of our gaming community that go above and beyond for their fellow gamers and are considered paragons of the community as they uphold the culture and values it represents.

Compassion, honor, kinship, and a readiness to help those in need within the community are all attributes that these Knights of the Round Table have shown time and time again.

The Lionhearted

Hunter is our Knight being inducted for March 2024.
Hunter has been a champion of the Magic: the Gathering community both here at the store and outside of it. He is always working diligently to become a better judge, teacher, and player. Hunter is always kind and is generous with his vast knowledge, especially when introducing new players to the game or seasoned players to new formats. Thank you, Hunter!

Teller of Tales

Dan is our Knight being inducted for February 2024!
Dan has a wealth of knowledge and creativity, especially when it comes to D&D. He is always willing to help community members become acquainted with the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and has hosted many campaigns for new/familiar adventurers alike. Anyone who has had the pleasure of having Dan as their DM knows that the stories he spins are unrivaled.
Thank you, Dan!

Knights of the Round Table Members